Error QuickBooks Is Unable to Send Your Email to Outlook

There are varieties of applications and software available today. And the fact that everything is trying to let you be on the go always needs efficient synchronization. But this is where issues can pile up. There could be difficulties in getting things on the cloud in an efficient manner. This same issue also happens with QuickBooks too. There is a display of message like ‘Quickbooks error is unable to send your mail to outlook’. People can find it puzzling. But here is a complete know-how for addressing the issue. Read on:

The Error ‘QuickBooks error is unable to send your mail to outlook’ occurs when you are trying to email any QuickBooks file using the QuickBooks desktop software. There are guided steps to get the things resolved. Before that, let us understand the causes of this error.

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What are the Causes?

For any software related error, it is important that one knows the error. This keeps him/her from getting random solutions to the problems which don’t exist. So one must know the real reasons behind the issues and then get to solving them one by one. Here are a few causes that lead to this type of error.

  • The incomplete or damaged installation of the QuickBooks is the first and foremost reason to get this issue resolved. So one must always check for its complete installation and try to resolve if there is an issue.
  • Then try to check the installation of outlook. It is a possibility that outlook’s installation might not have been done correctly. This might lead to the email not being sent.
  • The settings of the email might not be correct. This might prevent the QuickBooks software from mailing the content.
  • Another issue could be that the outlook may be open while one is trying to send the mail through the QuickBooks desktop software.
  • One of the bleak possibilities for this issue is that the QuickBooks might be running as an administrator in the background. This may not allow emailing the content.
  • The file with the extension MAP132.dll could be damaged. This could be the reason behind this issue.

How you can Resolve this Error?

Whatever the issue be, there are solutions available for it. One can try to follow either of them or follow them one by one depending upon their usefulness. Here are a few of them:

  1. Try to check the installation of outlook and QuickBooks software. One must also see whether they are completely installed or not. It is also advisable to check for any damaged installation.
  2. Next one could check for the email settings. They should be checked in the internet explorer and the QuickBooks desktop software too. The preferences should be set correctly in either of them.
  3. The file with the format MAPI32.dll should be checked. If it is found to be damaged, one must try to repair it. After repairing one must try to test its functionality to ensure its smooth working.
  4. Finally reinstalling the QuickBooks software could be of some help, if all the above files, software were correct enough.


The whole point is that one must get to the causes of the error. As by noticing the steps involved to fix the error, one can easily notice that it is simply reacting to the causes that are found. No out-of-the-box step is required to fix the issue. Even if there is an issue, the Quickbooks Desktop Support team will help 1-888-412-7852.