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Features and Benefits of QuickBooks File Manager Application

Features and Benefits of QuickBooks File Manager Application

QuickBooks have come up with a new application called QuickBooks File Manager. It is an app for QuickBooks accountants and QuickBooks enterprise accountants. One must be wondering what is this application and what does it offer to the users.

The file manager is an application that stores company’s accounts and files along with username and password in a secure environment. It allows to import files to QuickBooks and upgrade to a new version of QuickBooks when required.

For any queries related to QuickBooks file manager, application contact QuickBooks Technical support at +1-888-905-3553.

It organizes the files of the company’s clients in a user-friendly manner. It also remembers the username and password of each file for easy opening and handling. Let’s see what are the benefits and features that are being provided to the users of QuickBooks.

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Features of QuickBooks File Manager

The new feature of QuickBooks is of great importance. It makes their tasks its users easier. It makes them more effective and efficient in their work and handling the accounts of their clients. These features and benefits have created an added value to the QuickBooks. Some of the features of the QuickBooks File Manager Download are:

  • Password vaults: It stores complex passwords of each file in a secure environment. It also saves the login information of each client. The file manager backup can be used to restore the file if the same list of files and login/passwords are needed on different computers.
  • Group clients: QuickBooks allows users to group their clients based on certain criteria. It builds a virtual view of the clients’ file in the hard drive.
  • Batch upgrade: With the file manager of QuickBooks one can easily upgrade multiple files at once. One can select one or more files to convert.
  • Manage and merge client’s files: One can easily manage the groups of clients created by the file manager from the file drop menu. It also helps in merging the client’s folder by selecting both the folders and clicking right, then merge.
  • Backing up file manager: the file managers gives its users the feature to create backups of the folders and files that save the directories.
  • Opening two files at a time: files manager allows its users to open two files at a time (when using accountant edition). It also provides with the facility to convert and restore the files.

Benefits of QuickBooks File Manager

There are innumerable benefits that are provided by the QuickBooks File manager. Here are a few of them listed:

  • Organizing the clients’ files in a systematical manner which can be easily viewed
  • Saves information by saving the difficult login and passwords.
  • Easy accessibility to the files by grouping clients
  • Reduces time by importing the files from different places
  • Password vaults let open clients file without opening the login information.
  • Creates a backup in case of loss of files and folders
  • Can be accessed from any other computer due to the backup created by the file manager
  • Merging of two different files into one.
  • Saves time and energy by updating multiple files at once.

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Summing up the article, it can be said that the QuickBooks File Manager is important to its users by making their tasks simpler. It helps in working with multiple files at the same time. It thus increases the efficiency in which a company works. It also brings the company to a better position with the clients making it effective to communicate with them.

If the users are facing problems they are free to contact the Quickbooks Desktop Support Number. The support will help them in all sort required by them. Call at 1-888-905-3553.

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