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How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Data Damage on your Company File?

How to troubleshoot Data Damages on your Company File

The following article focuses on the description the Quickbooks Data Damage Company File, its causes and solutions of the same.

What are Data Damage on your Company File and its Causes:

If you are experiencing damage data in use related issues then you can perform the solutions mentioned in the article to resolve and save your company files.

However, you might feel a need for proper personal guidance and on the point assistance, which is thoroughly possible if you reach out to the QuickBooks Desktop Support for perfect support.

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Causes of Data Damage of the Company Files:

  1. Network drops or unstable network connection, which leaves newly updated and modified files when uploading vulnerable.
  2. Data traffic: Huge data when transferred across huge databases while using lanky computers or network connection might get damaged as the older computers have a lesser capability of handling the data carefully.
  3. Unannounced power cuts or shut down again leaves data vulnerable to damage.
  4. Manual errors or user errors: switching the machine off abruptly or unplugging the computer by mistake.
  5. Malware and virus attacks: This is not at shocking as any day a fresh malware attack can easily affect and destroy or corrupt or damage your files. (Scanning your pc regularly can save the day).
  6. Link damage: Damages links between the transactions performed can cause this.
  7. Transactions related damages: Due to network glitches or external factors.

Solution 1: Try the data rebuild utility

Go to file tab > Choose utilities > Rebuild data > QuickBooks information window > press ok

Follow the popup windows to create a backup.

While the changes and rebuild are under process your machine might display that the QuickBooks is not responding, however as long as the cursor is mobile, the process is still going on. Wait for its completion.

Solution 2: Run the Verify Data utility

Go to the file menu > utilities > choose to verify Data.

If the prompts display QuickBooks detected no problem in your data then continue using the file. If not follow the remaining steps.

If issues are detected with your data, you will be prompted to either rebuild now or view errors. Select Close, then perform the steps below.

Note: You may either continue with the below-mentioned steps if you have no problem in checking the log files or contact the QuickBooks help desk number for a more professional approach.

  • Search for the qbwin.log or quickbooks.log files.
  • Go to the Open File tab > highlight the log file > Send log files to Intuit support.
  • This enables the user to send the files to source agent for rectifications.
  • Check the log file:

Search BEGIN VERIFY > find the most recent file (logs are arranged in order of dates in descending order that is oldest first and newest last).

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Search for the line with the LVL_ERROR.

Search for the top QuickBooks Data Damages on your Company File or search it in the QuickBooks official site,

Note: Errors might not be the same in both the log files though they might appear to be similar.

Nothing goes unresolved, purely nothing and even if it goes you may contact the Quickbooks Desktop Support Phone Number

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