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How to Fix QuickBooks Com Error Crash?

Crash Com Error in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Com Error Crash – Multiple users are reporting this problem/error these days. QB Pro, Premier, or Enterprise, all versions of QB Desktop might encounter this error now and then. The first instance of this Crash Com Error QuickBooks came up during 2014 and solutions to solve this came subsequently after. However, we still encounter this problem in the very latest versions. Let’s see what this error is and how to solve this problem

What is a QuickBooks Com Error Crash?

QuickBooks Com Error Crash

A “Crash Com Error” usually comes up during major updates launched by Microsoft. One might encounter this issue while sending emails, invoices, Paystubs, transactions or reports. A QB user regularly using MS Excel, Office tool or Web connectors might also encounter the “Crash Com Problem.”

This Crash Com Error QuickBooks problem can be corrected in several ways. Let’s look at the solutions and perform the solutions in the order listed below. If a particular solution does not solve the issue, then move to the next one for problem-solving.

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Solution 1- Ensure to update Outlook

  • Open Outlook
  • Select File >> Office Account option>> Update Options >> click Update Now.
  • Check and confirm that the error is gone now.

Solution 2 – Set “Outlook” as a default mail application.

  • Navigate to Control Panel
  • Go to Default Programs
  • Now set your default programs
    • In the Programs list,
    • Choose MS Outlook
    • Select MS Outlook as your “default program.” Set this program as default.
    • Choose OK.

Solution 3 -Add an “email account” to MS Outlook.

  1. Go to MS Outlook,
  2. Choose the File
  3. Choose Add Account to initiate setup.
  4. Fill in the email address
  5. Now choose “”
  6. Outlook will automatically detect the right server setting> choose “”
  7. Fill in the password you use for the email address
  8. ClickOK.
  9. Click OKto finish setup.

Note: In case, QB is unable to locate Outlook (you need to check this, navigate to Edit>>Preferences>>Send forms>> My preferences tab to view if there is an option to select Outlook) you have to restart the computer and repair QuickBooks. A windows user profile might also be required. If the new windows profile does not locate Qutlook in QB preferences, you need to repair QuickBooks.

Solution 4- Switch/Toggle mail settings

  1. Navigate Control panel
  2. Go to Mail & select Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Go to the Mail Setup window,
  4. Choose “Show Profile
    Note: If Outlook is already set a default mail program, then omit steps 2, 3 and 4.
  5. If “Always use this profile” option is already selected, click “prompt for a profile to be used” and then select “Apply” option.
  6. Toggle /switch the selection to “always use this profile” option
  7. Choose Apply.
  8. Click

Solution 5- Make a new “Outlook Email Profile”.

  1. Shut Microsoft Outlook
  1. Navigate to Control Panel>>Mail.
  1. Go to the Mail Setup window & select “Show Profiles.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter the name for the profile in “Profile Name.”
  4. Click OK.
  5. Follow the directions to “Add an email account” to use in your profile.
  6. Click the drop-down window under “Always use this profile “ option
  7. Select the “newly created profile.”
  8. Choose “Apply”
  9. Click OK

Note: This solution does not delete the existing “Outlook Profile.”

Solution 6- Repair the MS Office & run Windows Update

  • Perform a “Repair” process for MS Office
  • Perform a Windows

Solution 7- Run QB in Compatibility Mode

  1. In the QuickBooks icon in Desktop – Go to
  2. Go to the Compatibility tab & choose “Run the program in compatibility mode.”
  3. In the drop-down window- choose “Windows ”
  4. Check-Mark the option “Run the program as an Administrator.”
  5. Click Apply
  6. Select OK.

Solution 8- Enter/Add “Windows Admin user”

  1. Make a Windows user with “Administrator rights.”
  2. Log-onto “Windows” with the new User.
  3. Re-open QuickBooks. Now re-open QB.

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Hopefully, the QuickBooks Com Error Crash should be well sorted out, and you understand the process of how to correct this error through various solution steps at different stages. If you are still unable to solve this problem on your own, Call us at QuickBooks Desktop Support Number +1-888-905-3553 and get instant help.

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