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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6150?

QuickBooks Error 6150

In many cases, when you open the existing QuickBooks Company file, you will get the QuickBooks Error 6150. This blog discusses the causes of QuickBooks Error 6150 as well as how to fix it. Alternative approaches for correcting the mistake were also suggested. To rapidly recover your corporate file, use the QBW file restoration application. When you face this issue, the first step is to find the reason behind this error. It becomes easy to resolve.

QuickBooks is the most user-friendly accounting software for account professionals. It brings down the stress of managing a company’s financial account. Unfortunately, this software also faces this issue.

What Causes QuickBooks Error 6150?

The QuickBooks Error Code 6150 pops up on your screen when there is an error in your company file. Below- mentioned are reasons to get this error-

  • When the QBW or Company File gets damaged, create a backup file that is portable.
  • The installation of QB is broken or corrupt.
  • Launch a portable file (.qbm) without first opening QuickBooks.
  • You have incorrectly entered or altered the extension for a QuickBooks file.
  • When you use QuickBooks to perform work on Windows Company files for saving QuickBooks Macintosh
  • Virus Attack.

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Short Solution to Fix the Error:

While troubleshooting if you find that the error pops up due to a company file extension, change it and save it when the file is safe.

  • Cross-Check if the files open on different system.
  • Re-install the software f the file isn’t updated
  • Save ‘QuickBooks for Macintosh’ in a Mac-based system rather than a Windows-based system
  • Install updated anti-virus before opening the Company file

In case, after following the above step QuickBooks Error -6150 doesn’t get resolved, try the below steps or methods.

Step 1- Restoring the Backup

If you still facing the issue,, the next best approach is to restore the Company File from backup. Follow the below steps-

  • Visit QuickBooks to click on file. Click on Restore Company
  • Now click on the Restore the copy backup before clicking the next.
  • Choose Local Backup before clicking on Next button
  • Visit at drop-down menu to select location of Company file 
  • You should find the backup at.qbb extension
  • Check the Save-in drop down menu and check for the preferred location to restore Backup file
  • Here,  type a new Company File name , save it and should restore the file in .qbw format
  • Click on Yes to confirm and type the same on the box

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Step 2- Creating new QuickBooks Company File from the Scratch

  • Open QuickBooks
  • You will find Company Open window, to create a new Company
  • Check the QuickBooks Window Setup to fill details
  • Now create the company

However, you will face some drawbacks while creating a new company –

  • Data from the past is no longer accessible.
  • In the lack of old data, the majority of information is incorrect.
  • It is not possible to share a desktop file across the network.

Step 3- Recovering Lost Data with QuickBooks Auto-Recovery

  • Select the present Transaction Log file along with Company File to create the lost transaction.
  • Use these both files; recreate all of the data except for the latest few hours of transactions.

Some points to consider when fixing QuickBooks Error 6150

  • If you find Decrypt_Instructions, you have a corrupt system.
  • Corrupt files aren’t repaired by Intuit data service.
  • Copy all the details of QB Setup window
  • Select options to create company file
  • Create the customers, Account chart and services

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As long as errors in QuickBooks continue to disrupt the software’s regular operation, recuperation with QuickBooks Desktop Support is always a safe bet. We help in restoring all aspects of the firm, including customers, vendors, and workers, once severely corrupted or destroyed QBW files have been repaired. Multiple currencies are supported by the software, which aids in the recovery of paychecks, payroll transactions, and other tasks.

If you face QuickBooks Error 6150 that could damage your company file or halt your work, connect with our executives who are ready to assist you. Our team will assist you in resolving the error on a real-time basis. Call or email us now.


1) How can I Resolve QuickBooks Error 6150?

Ans: You can resolve it either by following the above steps or calling our team to get it done in real-time. Our professionals are ready to help and also help to retract the company files.

2) Why does my QuickBooks Backup Keeps Failing?

Ans: The error is caused by the inaccessibility of the storage device that usually holds the backup file. Any harm to the firm file might potentially result in such an error. Another cause of QuickBooks freezing is incorrect backup path configuration.

3) What causes QuickBook’s Error?

Ans: When you see the message “QuickBooks has stopped operating” or “QuickBooks is not opening,” it’s usually because of one of the following issues: The files that make up the Windows operating system have been corrupted. Your hard disc carries all corrupt sectors. The installation files for QB Desktop have been corrupted.

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