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What is QuickBooks TLS 1.2 Update

What is the TLS 1.2 Update for QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks TLS 1.2 – QuickBooks Desktop is a crucial software that small to medium-sized business firms use in order to maintain their accounts and financial transactions. Since QuickBooks deals with a lot of confidential business data and accounts’ information, data privacy and safety become a major issue in the usability of QuickBooks. An enormous amount of money gets on the stake when it comes to the point of security. A weak Security connection of business data may harm the company.

QuickBooks, in its latest update dating 31st May 2018, made its Security settings follow the Industrial Security Standards. It has brought a new update, QuickBooks TLS 1.2, to improve the data security standards. It earlier followed a basic SSL/TSL protocol for secure connections. The TLS 1.2 Update for QuickBooks desktop would ensure data protection and privacy in the safer protocol. Alternatively, our QuickBooks Technical Support Team will give a more comprehensive explanation of the update.

Effects of QuickBooks TLS 1.2 Update

You need to update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest update so that it does not stop affecting your business.

  1. It will cause a problem while activating QuickBooks on a new desktop.
  2. It would no longer keep a backup reset option for your passwords and account data, in case you forget it.
  3. It would also affect payments, banking, payroll, and other monetary services.

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Enable TLS 1.2 Update in the Operating System

  • For Windows 10 Users: Since Windows 10 OS has a built-in Internet Explorer 11 which has its settings configured to TLS 1.2 update automatedly. You just will need to make sure that the update TLS 1.2 is activated and working.
  • For Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users: These Operating Systems do not have a built-in Explorer 11. You can either upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 and activate the TLS 1.2 update. Or, you can continue with your previous version of Explorer, then download the update manually and configure it with your Internet Explorer settings.
  • For Windows XP users: It does not support up gradation of Internet Explorer, therefore you will necessarily need to upgrade your Windows Operating System version.

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Benefits of QuickBooks TLS 1.2 Update compared to SSL/TSL

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a security system as old as 1990. It was developed by Netscape and was prone to exploitation from hackers. There had been issues regarding its update failures. On the other hand, TSL has been updated various times. In its latest update TLS 1.2, it has undergone a series of more cryptic and secure algorithms that make it the safest security protocol available at the time. E-commerce needs a safe protocol because of its proneness towards data breach and hacking.

Errors Related to TLS 1.2 Update:

quickbooks tls 1.2

  • You might get some error codes related to Update of TLS 1.2. Some App permissions might be restricting the new updated version of QuickBooks Desktop. You can configure it manually, or call the Customer Support of QuickBooks to assist you in the error prompt.

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QuickBooks Desktop is a software that has made a revolution in the E-commerce sector. QuickBooks TLS 1.2 update is an added benefit to the software as it protects the account data and tightens the security. Safety of their accounts is the foremost concern of any business, and with this update, the users can be even more confident about using QuickBooks for Accounting and Management.

If you face any problem regarding the compatibility of your device with the update release, make sure to contact the Quickbooks Desktop Support Phone Number on 1-888-905-3553 and ask for their help regarding this.

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