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What are “items” in QuickBooks for Mac

What are “items” in QuickBooks for Mac

QuickBooks MAC Support is a financial accounting solution that is specially designed to induce increased efficiency and profitability for small and medium-sized businesses. You can quickly create professional invoices, track sales & expenses, and manage accounts payable.

QuickBooks provides Mac-specific features such as user can put a notification bar in QB Mac’s menu bar, insert reminders to iCalendar, share data with Window based users and integrate contacts with their MAC OS address books.

Providing great accessibility and easy management QB Mac online can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. Automatic scheduling and advanced security are other significant features.

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What do “items” Mean in QuickBooks for Mac?

When speaking of items in QuickBooks, you will automatically think that we are going to talk about “the inventory.” By inventory, we mean the things that a retail establishment would sell. For the service industry “items” will be used for the services they provide.

Whatever your business might be you will need to use items. Whether you buy or sell, it’s a physical thing or service we are dealing with items all the time. Discounts, sales tax, and subtotals are also items. QM Mac has ten types of items that you can use for forms and reports. Just add details to items you trade in and use the features to produce customized purchase orders, estimates invoices, and other forms.

Now we will see some commonly used items in QuickBooks for Mac.

  • Service – Service is an item that you charge for or purchase. For example- specialized labor and consultation hour.
  • Inventory Part -This consists of merchandise or parts you purchase, tracking as an inventory feature and resell option. Note: – Ensure to have inventory turned on to view this item type.
  • Non-Inventory Part – These are those items that you buy but done keep in your stock. This includes items such as overhead items like office supplies, work vehicles or some specific job-related material, etc.
  • Subtotal – Used for an item that calculated a subtotal. Usually, this is done when making invoices.
  • Group – This is used for fast entry of a group of individual items that are already on the items list.
  • Discount – It is when a discount amount is subtracted from the total amount. For example, a 5% discount on the total amount
  • Payment – The amount you receive when issuing an invoice. A payment item will reduce the original payable amount on an invoice.
  • Sales Tax Item – Used to calculate the sales tax of a single item
  • Sales Tax Group – When you calculate sales tax for two or more items grouped.
  • Other Charge – All miscellaneous charges that are not services, labor, materials or parts come under this category. These can be delivery charges, set fees, service charges, etc.

Hopefully, the article was helpful in giving valuable information on what are items and what do they mean in QuickBooks. For any detailed information on any of the QuickBooks MAC items described above, reach us at Quickbooks desktop help desk number 1-888-905-3553.

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